About Diane Narem

Let me introduce myself. . .

I recently graduated with a Master in Biological Sciences from South Dakota State University. I worked on a project to classify different plant communities of the tallgrass prairie, inventory the condition of existing grasslands on the South Dakota Prairie Coteau, and characterize the habitat of the Dakota skipper butterfly (Hesperia dacotae), which is listed as a federally threatened species.

I grew up in northeastern South Dakota on a horse ranch, the daughter of an agronomy consultant and a horse trainer/cattle operator/overall handy(wo)man. Since I was very young, I was interested in ecology, conservation and sustainability. Through my upbringing, I was able to see the role ecology plays in landowner decision-making in all types of agricultural settings. I have a passion to communicate ecological principles and ideas in order for the general public and for private landowners to make better informed decisions when it comes to their everyday life and their businesses.   

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